5 Memorial Day Campaigns To Consider

Lexy Bauman, Senior Email and Social Media Specialist
Lexy Bauman, Senior Email and Social Media Specialist

Many people consider Memorial Day weekend as the official start to summer and a reason to enjoy the three-day weekend with family and friends. This is a great weekend to capitalize on the large crowds and gatherings, but it’s also important to remember the reason for Memorial Day weekend. Memorial Day was created to honor the men and women who have fallen while serving in the U.S. military. As you’re planning your promotions, remember to focus on your market, but remember those who have served.

Specials for Veterans- Remember the reason for Memorial Day; our servicemen and women. Don’t forget to cater your promotions towards them. Give them a certain percentage off on their meal or if you have a regular Veterans promotion, consider giving them a free meal during Memorial Day weekend, give them a drink on the house, or at half price. Memorial Day is for those who have served and who are currently serving, so be sure to treat them to something special too!

Happy Hour- What’s a party without drinks? Drink promotions go hand in hand with long weekends and holidays. They never fail to bring in guests and are always a hit! Consider extending your Happy Hour, create new cocktails or beer flights, or promote your existing Happy Hour. Whichever you go with, your guests will be pleased.

Promote Your Patio- With the long weekend and the “start of summer”, promoting your patio and outdoor seating is a sure way to bring in guests. Everyone wants to enjoy the nice weather on a long weekend, so hit hard on promoting your patio. If you want to take your patio or outdoor seating to the next level, host a cook-out or create a special menu for outside seating.

Catering Packages- Weekend picnics, parties, and barbecues are huge for Memorial Day weekend. Promote your current catering packages or run a special on catering packages to bring in more business. For those guests who don’t want a catering package due to the large portions, put together a smaller family package as an option and promote family time.

Take Advantage of the Long Weekend- Many people celebrate Memorial Day all weekend long, so take advantage of the crowds and run promotions all weekend long- not just on Memorial Day.

Kick-off summer and Memorial Day weekend by trying any of these festive and easy promotions! This weekend, you can cater to your guests, but also remember the reason for Memorial Day and give back to our servicemen and women.

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