Curious About Offer Performance? One Client’s Story

Have you heard about Fishbowl’s new Offer Tracking feature?  Independent restaurant clients that use Local Email and/or SM3 clients can now use this offer management solution to track campaigns, prevent fraud, and optimize their marketing campaigns. The stories are already coming in about how tracking offers are changing the restaurant marketing game. The following is a real-life case study of one client’s promotion and how Offer Tracking helped them better understand what works for them and their guests.


Who: This Midwestern Brazilian steakhouse prides itself on a high-quality fine dine experience. However, in a foodie city like Chicago, a restaurant must find a way to stand out among the near limitless options, and drive revenue in during off-peak weekday hours.

The Goal: The restaurant decided to run a promotion, a buy one get one free (BOGO) where they covered the price of an entire dinner with the purchase of one. That’s a rich offer – and with such a generous promotion, they needed to be sure it was driving in incremental revenue rather than costing them money.

The Tactics: The client crafted an email that clearly stated the BOGO promotion. Using Offer Tracker, they could avoid common fraud issues and ensure that guests redeeming the offer were genuine eClub members. During the promotion period, two managers worked with the servers, redeeming offers on the fly with their Smartphones and bookmarking Fishbowl.com to streamline guest redemptions.

The Results: With Offer Tracking, the client was able to watch, in real time, how their campaign was performing. And the results were phenomenal. Despite – or perhaps, because of – their rich offer, guests happily spent more than $28,000 over the course of the campaign – and not including weekends, when the offer was not valid!   As this was published, the campaign was still ongoing, driving in more and more guests in on weekdays and more revenue into the restaurant.

Are you ready to build a promotions strategy that will bring in this much new revenue?

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