Fishbowl Best Practices: Tips for a Stronger Facebook Ad Campaign

katinaSince Fishbowl’s SM3 team started working with Facebook Ads, they’ve learned that the relatively low-cost service brings in major ROI for clients. However, it’s not a matter of just clicking “Boost Post” and watching the results roll in. You need to write the best ad you can, and then use Facebook’s powerful targeting system to get your great ad in front of the people who would best respond to its message. SM3 Social Media/Email Specialist Katina Stevenson has tips on how to optimize your investment.

Katina advises that Fishbowl best practices lead to stronger results no matter what type of campaign. Keep these tips in mind whether you are planning an ad, posting on your Page, or writing an email.

  1. Use an offer with every ad. Guests respond to discounting, whether it’s a QSR or a fine dine location.  Remember, an ideal Facebook ad will be targeted strategically, so the audience for your ad will be high quality rather than high quantity. It’s an opportunity to provide a richer offer than you might advertise in the newspaper.
  2. Only link to mobile-friendly pages with your ad. Fishbowl has seen more and more people move their Facebook browsing onto their smartphones. While the ads that appear on the Facebook app itself are mobile-optimized, it cannot make changes to, say, your website. If you are linking a page – for example, your online ordering page or your special menu for Restaurant Week – make sure you’ve optimized that page for mobile. That means minimal images, clear text, and a responsive template.
  3. Make sure your Facebook Reviews rating is high before you link to your Page. Are you just looking to add new fans to your Page? Don’t forget that your ads will often include your business rating, based on your Facebook Reviews. It used to be a mobile-only feature, but Facebook has added the rating to the desktop version as well. If your restaurant’s rating isn’t impressive, focus on managing your reputation before you move into advertising. See our tips for independents blog for advice on reputation management and driving new reviews in-store, on your website, and through your social media.

Katina follows one simple rule when she designs Facebooks Ads for her clients:  she makes sure the ad is leading to a place she wants guests to go. Once she has the perfect ad in place, she begins the work of targeting the ideal guest.

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