How to Grow Your List with a Facebook Sweepstakes

We recently added Facebook Sweepstakes to our Social Media Marketing product for independent restaurants. Why did we do that?  It’s another way for our customers to increase sales and revenue for their restaurants. To help you decide whether a Facebook Sweepstakes is right for your business, here’s the list of key questions and answers.

whatIsFacebookSweepstakesWhat is a Facebook Sweepstakes?

A Sweepstakes is essentially an online raffle. By entering a Sweepstakes, a guest submits her name for a chance to win something from your restaurant. You could offer something simple, like a free lunch, or something big, like tickets to a local concert or sports event. Really, the prizes in a Facebook Sweepstakes are limited only by what your imagination can create – or by your budget!


What does my restaurant gain from a Sweepstakes?

A Facebook Sweepstakes is a great way to grow your list. When entering a Facebook Sweepstakes, guests must first Like your restaurant’s Facebook Page, then provide their name, email address, birthday and anniversary. With that information, your restaurant can continually market to them! We know from experience that having this guest information can really generate revenue for restaurants far more than you might realize.

How many names can I expect?

Every Sweepstakes is different. Our  SM3 team has used Sweepstakes many times in the past, and has seen great results. Here are some real-world cases:

  1. A San Francisco restaurant ran a Sweepstakes to give away Giants baseball tickets during the run to the World Series.  They gained 206 Facebook Fans and 242 Email subscribers.
  2. An upstate New York restaurant ran a Dinner-To-Go contest.  The winner got a free dinner for take out on Friday. They added 160 Facebook Fans and 197 Email subscribers.  
  3. A restaurant in the Mid-West celebrated the end of summer with a chance to win a $50 gift card to the restaurant.  They grew 73 Facebook Fans and 47 Email subscribers.

You can see that both geographic location and the value of the prize had an effect on the number of Facebook Fans and Email subscribers the restaurant came away with. Give it a try – as we’ve said before, a healthy list in December makes for stronger sales in January!

For more information about the importance of growing your list, visit our earlier blog post.

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