Intro to Foursquare – Claim Your Business!

Picture this: You are a small, independent restaurant pushing an offer to drive guests into your store on a soft sales day. You have experimented with social media and have a presence on multiple platforms, so you post on multiple sites. When you look back later and see where the redemptions came from, which site do you expect to drive the greatest number of guests? Is it Facebook? Twitter? Yelp?

Would you believe Foursquare?

In several cases, Fishbowl has found that Foursquare outperforms the other social media channels.  In one case study, a client used 4 channels to distribute 4 offers, and found Foursquare produced more redemptions than the others and brought in 32% of the revenue!


Foursquare is a simple mobile application that allows users to “check in” at locations around the world, notifying their friends about their presence, even competing to be the “mayor” or the most frequent customer of a location. In addition, guests can leave mini-reviews known as “tips,” and pictures of your restaurant and food. Leaving a tip is easy and doesn’t require more than a sentence. It’s a powerful review tool for those on the go who probably wouldn’t commit to leaving a detailed Yelp review.

So how can restaurant operators utilize Foursquare to the fullest? The first thing you have to do is “claim” your business.  Like Yelp, your location is already a part of Foursquare’s database, but only by “claiming” your site can you use the opportunity to the fullest. Claiming your business allows you to take control of what your potential guests see when they look at your restaurant. Go to Foursquare and search for your restaurant by name or location. There will be a “claim it now” link on the right bar. You’ll be able to update your information and add check in specials. Make sure to manage your Foursquare reputation the way you would with any other review site. And don’t be afraid to get creative!

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