You feel like your spinning your wheels posting on Facebook, creating emails, sending out offers and more but are you really

Morgan Sheats. Senior Social Media & Email Specialist
Morgan Sheats. Senior Social Media & Email Specialist

sure if your marketing is working? Take a deeper dive into your restaurants’ performance and make impactful changes for the future with these simple steps!

Identify your restaurants’ audience & use marketing tactics that attract them:

  • The core of any successful marketing strategy is the awareness of who your target audience is and, from there, finding a way to appeal to them. To figure out if your marketing is working, it is essential to know the characteristics of your ideal customer including age, sex, and geographic location and knowing how they react to marketing collateral. The more that you know about them, the more powerful your email and social media marketing campaigns will become. So how do you do this? To start, use the Facebook Insights tab! You can find out all sorts of demographic information by clicking the “People”lso start collecting this information using the Data Entry slips that Fishbowl provides or with your own collection system in the store. Once you know your audience, you want to find meaningful ways to appeal to them. For example, millennials are highly active on Instagram and also are more likely to interact with user-generated content – so you may want to leverage this information when coming up with your marketing strategy.

Industry standards: Look at industry open rates, click-through rates for email marketing & the insights tab for Facebook benchmarks

  • Find out where your restaurant stands against the competition by looking at industry averages. Industry average open rates and click-through rates for email marketing are a great benchmark to see if your restaurant is performing above or below the average. For reference, the industry average open rate as it pertains to restaurant email marketing is 21.17% and the click-through rate is 1.25%. Check out the Reports tab in the Fishbowl software to see how your email campaigns are performing! For Facebook, the Facebook Insights tab can also provide you with information on reach and engagement to see if your restaurant is falling above or below the industry. It will also highlight competing brands so you can gain even more market knowledge.

Measure month-by-month or year-by-year:

  • Take a look at where the restaurant was last year or last month in comparison to this year or this month. You may find that you have grown tremendously but your reach has gone down, so from there, you can make impactful changes to reach your audience. A great way to see this is again by pulling data from the Facebook Insights Tab. You can actually export an entire year’s worth of data in an excel file to sort through! Start with check-ins, total reach, and total engagement to see where you stand. If you are a Fishbowl customer, try using the Reports tab to pull email and social media data for your account (or if you have our services, your dedicated Fishbowl rep will do it for you!) From there, you can see how your results have changed over time and make impactful adjustments for the future.

Look at your top performing posts:

  • Each month, Fishbowl reps take a look at our clients’ most successful posts for the month so that we can visually see what types of posts perform best for that specific restaurant. We encourage you to do the same through the Facebook Insights Tab or through our software! You’d be surprised to see what types of posts perform the best. Whether it’s highlighting a 5-star review, mentioning a local article, showcasing a really great in-the-moment food photo, or simply saying Happy Mother’s Day – take your top performing posts as direct feedback from your customers and take that information into consideration when scheduling future posts.
    • Likewise, look at your least successful posts for the month as well. You can see what types of posts your audience is not interested in and either avoid posts like this in the future, or find a different strategy to go about communicating the necessary information!

Ask for feedback from your most loyal customers:

It never hurts to ask for feedback, and trust us, your most dedicated and loyal followers will be more than happy to pass along their advice! Try running a survey campaign and sending it out to your email list. You can turn it into a sweepstakes and pick a winner at the end to encourage more people to share their thoughts! Once your survey is over, listen to the advice from your customers and start implementing changes to better find out what works for your audience, and what they want to see more of from you!

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