Make The Most Of Back To School Season

Robbie Netz, Email & Social Media Specialist
Robbie Netz, Email & Social Media Specialist

Sadly, summer is coming to an end and many customers have one major issue on their mind: back to school or work stress. Back to school means people are going to be spending more time standing in check-out lines at major retailers, doing homework and less time having family dinners at restaurants. It’s time to take advantage of promoting your take-out and catering menus to accommodate this change of a slow-pace summer life.

Here are a few strategies that will grab your guests’ attention:

  • Encourage Take-Out Orders: Take-Out it is the perfect option for everyone on the go lacking the extra time to enjoy a leisurely meal or whip up something in their own kitchen. Promote a discount for take-out orders. Think about the average amount your guests typically spend on a take-out order and determine a compelling dollar amount off so your guests will be more inclined to spend more money.
  • Promote Catering: Located near an abundance of local businesses? While most companies offer a 1-hour lunch break, most hold business meetings internally over lunch. Start taking advantage of this by offering an exclusive business offer on your catering packages. Most office Administrators have a preferred list of restaurant coupons or menus in the area that they recommend to anyone scheduling an office lunch so getting their attention is key. Send an email to the business with a direct link to your catering menus and packages so they can add it to the mix.
  • Highlight Kid’s Menus & Specials: The end of the summer season means parents have less time to focus on planning fun family outings so highlighting options for their family will make it easier to choose your restaurant. Feature options for children and consider a special that will compel parents to treat the whole family to an after-school meal.

With the majority of your potential customers focusing on spending less time cooking and more time on school work or at the office, you’ll be sure to attract more business by making it easy to have a delicious meal even with a time-sensitive lifestyle.

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