Make your Restaurant Flourish this Spring!

Emily Homuth, Senior Email & Social Media Specialist

Ready or not, spring has sprung! While the season changes and evokes feelings of new beginnings, take this opportunity to revitalize your online presence and make your restaurant bloom with a few simple steps:

  • New season, new content- It’s now easier (and more fun!) than ever to produce quality content from your own device. Spend an afternoon taking new photos and/or videos of your seasonal dishes and drinks to use as promotional material. For best results, find a well-lit space in the restaurant or outside where the camera easily captures the colors of each item. Try a few different angles and set-ups to give yourself a lot of new content to work with.
  • Give your social profiles a fresh look- Your cover photo is the first thing your audience sees when they navigate to your Facebook page – so make it blossom! This spring, put those new photos you took to good use and customize your cover photo with a spring collage. This will give your audience an immediate connection to both the food and atmosphere of the restaurant. Don’t have a photo editing tool on hand? Get started with your own custom collage here: https://www.picmonkey.com/

DVS cover live

  • Spring photo contest- Foodies love photographing their orders at restaurants! Capitalize on this trend by encouraging the foodies in your city to visit your restaurant and win prizes on a regular basis. Simply come up with a unique hashtag for your restaurant and select a winning image off of Instagram every week or month. You can utilize this user-generated content in your social posts (remember to always give credit to the photographer) and build up a beautiful collection of unique photos from your fans. Plus, running contests like this are very likely to help you grow your fan-base on social media as friends of fans will see the content!


  •  Stay current- While photos and videos will do a lot to make your online presence shine this season, it’s always important to keep the basics up to date. Check all of the boxes on your “Spring Cleaning” list and make sure information about your restaurant is current on all platforms (Website, Facebook, Twitter, Yelp, Google+, etc.). This might include business hours, menus, weekly specials, delivery options, and anything else unique to your restaurant.

Now go forth and let your online presence flourish this season!

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