March is underway and opportunities to market your restaurant are plentiful. Regardless of your restaurant’s concept there are events occurring throughout the month that you can leverage to drive business and make the most of March:Fresh clover leaves over wooden background

  1. March Mania – Sports fans will be enthralled with all of the Madness of the tournament spanning the latter half of the month into the first week of April. Use this opportunity to get clever with promotions to target not only the basketball enthusiasts but other customers simply looking for great deals. Consider offering an incentive during daytime games to drive lunch business. Encourage engagement on social media by matching up popular menu items to have followers vote for their favorite by commenting or liking and then offer a discount on the winning menu item.
  2. Make Guests Feel Lucky – You don’t have to be an Irish Pub to leverage St. Patrick’s Day in your email and social media campaigns. Offering an incentive is sure to bring in business. Encourage guests to wear green into the restaurant while dining to receive a 17% discount. Bring your campaign full circle by offering a check-in special for guests that check in on Facebook or Foursquare and show their server to receive a 17 cent beer or free menu item.
  3. Have Customers Hopping In – Easter is the perfect opportunity to promote a weekend full of business and having a unique edge over the competition could mean landing reservations for very large parties. Promoting a fun family-centric event such as an Easter egg hunt throughout the restaurant or a visit from the Easter bunny is sure to draw a crowd. Already booked for Easter Sunday? Take to social media to get your followers involved in a digital Easter egg hunt by hiding questions throughout the page timeline as milestones and rewarding any follower who finds them all and answers correctly with a special coupon for the following week.

Choose promotions that fit your brand but also keep your customers excited to continually open your emails and engage with your social media posts. With spring right around the corner, warm up sales by trying out something new!

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