Measure Your Digital Marketing Part 1: Growing Your Audience

post_acquisitionDo you know if your email and social media efforts are making an impact? It’s hard to define how often a guest comes in because of one email or Facebook post, but believe it or not there are ways to measure acquisition and engagement right from your Facebook administrator page or email service provider. Here are a few tips on how to judge if your list growth efforts are effective. As we say, your email list is a revenue engine. And it’s the same for your Facebook audience!


Open Rates: How Do You Get Your Foot in the Door?

An e-mail open rate is the percentage of eClub members who view or open your messages. You calculate the open rate by dividing the number of email messages opened by the total number of email messages sent. Open rates are usually a subject line game – the more engaging your subject line, the more likely guests will open. If your open rates are falling, consider resending the same message with a different subject line. Time of day and time of week are also big considerations. You wouldn’t make a sales call Tuesday at 2 am, would you?

post_fblikesReach: Who Will Hear Your Voice?

Facebook’s equivalent to the open rate is reach: the number of unique people who saw the Facebook post. Since your Facebook posts don’t have the same one to one impact as email marketing, it’s very important to grow your reach every month. If you see your numbers dip or drop, consider posting an offer, hosting an online trivia contest, or posting a flash sale on gift cards just for your social media fans.

It’s important to grow your list on a regular basis.  Some guests will go away, so you always need new names.  Plus, newer members tend to be more engaged – after all, your promotions are new to them! Push your eClub in store and on your website. Your goal: 30 people a month. 1 every day.

And once you have those guests? Then it’s time to make sure they are listening.

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