Restaurant Guests Can Now Order Delivery via Foursquare – What Should You Do to Prepare?

post_foursquareOrderDeliveryFoursquare recently teamed up with Grubhub Seamless to turn online ordering on its head. If your restaurant already works with the OLO behemoth, then Foursquare will automatically pull in online and mobile ordering options from either mobile app.  But you have to have claimed your Foursquare page.  Have you?

20,000 restaurants use GrubHub or Seamless for online or mobile ordering. Foursquare has over 45 million users worldwide. This new feature is a powerful combination that benefits both restaurant and guest – the team-up provides a streamlined online ordering experience for restaurant operators. Hungry guests will have even more incentive to order from home in their pajamas.

The SM3 team has had great success optimizing Foursquare pages with offers.  Adding the capability for online ordering to the equation could mean big sales for restaurants savvy enough to take advantage of the opportunity.

So what should you do?

  1. Claim your Foursquare Page.
  2. Thoroughly read through it to ensure your information is correct.
  3. Ensure your link to Order Delivery is shown.
  4. Bonus Points: Post a “check in” offer.
  5. Reap the rewards.

If this seems like more than you can handle in your free time, there is help out there.

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