What Restaurants Need to Know About Changes to Facebook Reviews

facebookReview_visualFacebook recently made changes to how your restaurant can respond to Facebook reviews. This is great news for any restaurateur who uses Facebook to keep in touch with loyal guests and find new ones. Fishbowl knows how to take advantage of Facebook reviews to the fullest. Read more for the details!

What Changed?

Facebook has allowed users to review business pages for quite some time.   However, only recently can page administrators write responses in the role of the company in question.  Before the new changes, a representative of the restaurant or other business could only respond using a personal account. Business pages can now “like” a review as well.

Why is This Important?

We’ve talked before about how important it is to manage your online reputation; read this blog if you need a review. Essentially, Fishbowl recommends that restaurants quickly respond to online reviews, particularly when the picture painted is not so rosy.  Since restaurants can now respond as themselves, you can more effectively use Facebook reviews to reinforce your brand and appear responsive to customer feedback.

What Should You Do?

  1. Start responding to Facebook reviews the way you respond to Yelp or OpenTable reviews – respond to EVERY negative review, guiding these unsatisfied customers to offline channels. Occasionally respond to positive reviews thanking the authors  for their patronage.
  2. Be timely. Check your restaurant’s Facebook page often, daily if possible, to catch negative reviews and respond appropriately.
  3. Leverage your positive reviews. Guide your fans from other channels, such as Twitter or your email list, to check out the great reviews from guests just like them.  Consider posting a “Fan of the Week” on your page to encourage more reviews.

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