SM3 Top Three: Tips for Better Facebook Posts and Ads

katrinaIt’s a common story among our clients – you sit down to sign up for your free Facebook account, excitedly imagining your social media empire, create the page, and then sit back. Now what? It can be difficult to know how to run an optimized Facebook page for your place, especially when you have to focus on keeping your food and service top notch. Luckily Katrina Castner of the SM3 team is here to rescue you, with tips on how to create great Facebook content.

Why is Great Content So Important Anyway?

Some people think that all they need to do is set up their Facebook page, make sure the information on it is correct, and then leave it, checking sporadically for comments and leaving occasional messages. Truthfully this strategy may have worked in the past, but with changes to how Facebook shows posts on its Newsfeed this strategy is seeing diminishing returns. Facebook puts a heavy emphasis on engagement now; the only way to maintain great organic reach is to post very engaging content. With Facebook ads, having a well-crafted message is even more essential. An interesting Facebook ad will lead to more clicks, and that means a bigger return on investment. When Katrina composes posts and ads, she keeps these rules in mind.

  1. Make posts relevant for your audience. While your social media team may love the Dallas Cowboys, it’s pretty likely a post on the topic won’t engage your fine dine audience in Madison, Wisconsin.  This is where Facebook Ads really shine – the ability to target specific audiences and segment them into groups means you can create the right ads for the right audiences.
  2. Take great pictures. Is your restaurant signed up for Instagram? If not, do so right now – then get one of your staff to start shooting! A well-taken shot of your place, your food, or your team can really interest guests, especially if you pair the image with a pithy quip, joke, or a question that demands a response.
  3. Timely posts are more interesting. Is your neighborhood hosting an amazing film festival in a few weeks? Local football team making its way towards the playoffs? Or is your area celebrating a historical anniversary? If you can relate your posts to your guests’ daily lives, it can both raise your restaurant’s profile and enhance your restaurant’s connection with the community. If you have multiple restaurants and want to customize content for specific audiences, bring Ads into the picture.

Whatever your strategy, keeping your Facebook up-to-date and lively is essential for growing and maintaining your digital audience.


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