SMS marketing, otherwise known as text message marketing, is a unique marketing approach that can help you reach your customers directly and ensure they see your offer. A simple 140 character text message can go a long way.

Maura Keane, Senior Social Media & Email Specialist
Maura Keane, Senior Social Media & Email Specialist

Why should I implement SMS marketing? You can reach every generation and demographic using text messages. From millennials, baby boomers and even grandparents, people are mobile. Did you know that 52% of smartphone users check their phone multiple times per hour or more1 and on average a person will read a text message within 3 minutes of receiving it2? You can’t beat those open rates!

What kind of promotions work best for SMS marketing?

  • Promote new menu items or events.
    • Hosting a last minute event or want more reservations? SMS marketing allows you to create a short text message with information about the event or a last minute offer to increase reservations.
  • Increase traffic on slow days.
    • Is the restaurant a little slow today? Send a text message to your customers offering ½ price appetizers for one day only to increase traffic during a specific time frame.
  • Announce upcoming specials.
    • Do you want to get your customers excited about new specials? Simply send a text message announcing the specials. Consider setting up a triggered text message reminder a certain number of days after the first message to continually increase awareness.
  • Notify your customers about sudden changes in your restaurant hours.
    • Mother Nature is unpredictable, but with SMS marketing you can easily inform your customers of emergency closures, special hours, or even a last minute special pertaining to the weather like a rainy day offer.

There are a number of ways to leverage SMS marketing to reach your customers and get them to take action with a simple text message. If you’re not sure where to start, think about getting some assistance from a marketing expert.


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