‘Tis The Season For Successful Campaigns

Kara Bonini, Senior Email & Social Media Specialist
Kara Bonini, Senior Email & Social Media Specialist

The holiday season is the perfect time to take your private dining and catering business to the next level. Everyone is looking for the ideal venue or menu to allow them to celebrate with ease. Using a platform such as Facebook/Instagram to target the correct audience to promote all you have to offer is a great way to end your year, and your 2016 earnings, on a high note.

Follow these tips to create compelling and successful campaigns in the coming weeks:

Deck the halls – Your space is just as important as the food you serve. Show potential guests what to expect when they walk in to your restaurant and be sure to highlight the areas available to reserve for special celebrations. Use visually appealing images of your private dining rooms and consider showing potential guests how the room can be transformed with decorations, varying seating arrangements, buffet tables, etc. Consider creating a carousel advertisement where several different images can easily be scrolled through by a Facebook/Instagram user in order to showcase the different spaces being offered.

Be the holiday party hero – During the holidays pretty much every celebration revolves around food so it’s a great time to promote catering. Entice customers with a special holiday catering menu that features seasonal items. We recommend a clicks to website advertisement to drive Facebook/Instagram users to catering information on your website or a request form to be contacted by your catering manager. Bonus tip – take convenience into account during this busy season by offering free delivery and set up.

Give the gift everyone wants –  If there’s one thing all of your potential customers are looking for this holiday season it’s a deal! Consider promoting a private dining or catering offer to stand out among your competition.  An offer such as $100 off for every $1000 spent can not only encourage customers to choose your venue or catering services over other options but also to book in advance if the offer is only available for a limited time.

Make this your best season yet, for both you and your guests, with successful advertising campaigns!

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