What You Must Know about Changes to Facebook Pages

digbyTavernDoes your restaurant have a Facebook Fan Page? Facebook Fan pages allow restaurants to communicate with their guests socially, sharing updates about new menu items or fun events alongside posts from friends and family who’ve visited the restaurant. Within the next few weeks Facebook will roll out changes to business Pages, and your restaurant will need to adjust its strategy accordingly.

What are some of the changes?

The right side of your restaurant’s timeline will show all of the posts on the Page. The information will be in one straight line. The left side column will display your restaurant’s specific data, such as phone number, hours, website, and a map to your place. You’ll find Facebook administrative information – the number of ads you are running, your Page likes, post reach, and notifications – on the far right.

If you have any custom tabs, such as a Facebook Sweepstakes or your Twitter, it’ll be hidden under the “more” tab. Apps will appear both in the “more” tab and in their own section below the information about your business.

What isn’t changing?

Image sizes, such as that for your cover photo or your profile picture, will stay the same. However, you might want to adjust the creative. The page name and the category now appear on top of your cover image in white text, right next to the profile picture. The new design also raises the profile picture somewhat, obscuring more of the cover photo than it did previously. If your current cover photo has a white background or a busy image, change it to something that will make the white text crisp and easy to read.

Anything else a marketer should know?

The new redesign comes with deeper information from the “Pages to Watch” feature. Search for restaurants similar to your own and “watch” them – you can see how their total likes, posts, and engagement compare to your own. This information is visible to you only; guests won’t see it.  This is good competitive information at your fingertips.

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