5 Steps to Developing Effective Holiday Advertisements

Morgan Jorde, Senior Email & Social Media Specialist
Morgan Jorde, Senior Email & Social Media Specialist

It’s [almost] the most wonderful time of the year! The holidays may feel like a long ways off but it’s the perfect time to start promoting your private party spaces and gift cards before the online market becomes saturated and placement for Facebook Ads rises significantly.

Take these steps to develop effective, targeted holiday Facebook Advertising campaigns:

  1. Have a clear goal on what you want to achieve. Outline your goals and develop a rough plan for your Facebook Advertising campaigns. If you have a private party room and online gift cards, you’ll want to develop campaigns for both of these goals. Consider offering an early booking discount to guests who book a private party by October 31st and create a push-campaign for gift card sales around Cyber Monday, when many shoppers are online looking for deals.
  2. Identify your target audience. Use Facebook’s Audience Insights to better understand your current and potential customers so you can tailor your campaigns to them specifically. Explore “Lookalike Audiences” to find more prospects like your best customers.
  3. Design your creative. Entice new and returning customers with highly engaging ads. Utilize video ads or carousel ads to grab attention and highlight multiple angles of your private party room or catering menu.
  4. Allocate your budget. Keep in mind that the auction gets competitive during the holiday season so this is the time to add more cash to your marketing budget. Be aware of big holiday shopping times like Black Friday and Cyber Monday, when you may want to add even more to your budget, especially if you’re promoting gift cards.
  5. Test, measure, and tweak. Facebook Ads are not something you should set and forget. Test a few different ads with different creative or targeting and check on them after 10-14 days. Measure which one is performing better with your audience and tweak your ads accordingly – turn off low performing ads and/or increase your budget on successful ones.

By planning ahead and following these steps, you’ll reap the benefits of early holiday marketing all season long.

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