Kentyn Kaplan, Email & Social Media Specialist
Kentyn Kaplan, Email & Social Media Specialist

Halloween is right around the corner and while restaurant owners are preparing for the occasion with festive decor and celebrations, they’re also sure to get a fright from negative online reviews about their business. Don’t fear! You can take advantage of Halloween as a means of promoting your restaurant and bring new customers through the door while still maintaining control of your online reputation.

Try these tactics for leveraging the Halloween holiday while focusing on one of your most-viewed online profiles – Yelp:

  • “Trick Out” your Yelp page – Optimizing your business listing is crucial year round – but use this as an opportunity to update your hours of operation, address, contact information, website URL and all relevant information. Those that choose to dine out during Halloween present themselves as potential customers to your business, and the more accurate information they can access all on one page, the better! As with most customers, those that see you are engaged with your clientele and participating in meaningful, personalized conversations will be more inclined to dine with you.
  • Check-In & Treat! – Sweet treats aren’t just for kids! While Halloween is primarily a children’s holiday, everyone loves the idea of free goodies. By utilizing Yelp’s check-in feature on the Yelp mobile app, you can create a special offer that entitles customers to a percentage off, discounted price, or a free item. Halloween appeals to everyone’s sweet tooth, therefore, we recommend offering a complimentary dessert for the family while checking in at your restaurant before or after an evening of Halloween festivities. Check-in Offers provide a measurable way to reward loyal customers and encourage new visits. And let’s be honest, parents deserve a reward for taking their children trick-or-treating. October is “National Dessert Month,” which allows you to capitalize on this promotion all month long. No tricks here – just treats!
  • Don’t be Spooked by Public Responses – Typically we encourage responding to customers privately and taking the conversation “offline” whenever possible. With more traffic being driven to your Yelp page, it wouldn’t hurt to switch up your approach by engaging with customers through public responses. Acknowledging customer reviews via public comments can serve a twofold purpose: customers browsing your page will see that you value candid feedback and will be pleased to see that your business is always striving to improve by making the necessary changes from customer recommendations. Alternatively, public comments can serve to your advantage as a means of adding a helpful comment to correct any information listed in a review. Whether the reviews are scary or sweet, consider responding publicly to broadcast any significant information to your clientele.

Use these ideas to ensure your online presence is in good standing while families are out celebrating this fun-filled holiday!


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