Encourage Customer Loyalty This Summer

Morgan Sheats. Senior Social Media & Email Specialist
Morgan Sheats. Senior Social Media & Email Specialist

Take advantage of the slow summer months to focus on rewarding your most loyal guests. It’s important to work on establishing a strong relationship with your social media followers and eClub members now to not only drive business during the summertime but also to ensure these customers remain loyal throughout the year!

Utilize these various marketing tactics to incentivize loyal customers to remain loyal:

  • Find out who your customers are – Knowing who the restaurant’s most loyal fans and followers are is important in allowing you to reward them with offers that are interesting and appealing to them. Check out the Facebook Insights tab to gather information on their age, gender and location. You can also take a look at your most popular posts as well as the optimal time to post so you can ensure you are reaching as many of your followers as possible.
  • Set up triggered messages – Auto Loyalty emails serve as a unique touchpoint between your restaurant and your eClub members. Setting these messages up is hassle-free and helps build your relationship with the guest (i.e. when they join your eClub, on their birthday, wedding anniversary, or when they’ve been a loyalty member for a year). Start with a small discount on the welcome offer (such as a free appetizer or dessert) to encourage them to come in once they’ve subscribed!
  • Run a Facebook sweepstakes – Everyone loves a little healthy competition, right? Set up a sweepstakes on your Facebook page so that fans can enter to win a special prize. Post about it at least once a week throughout the duration of the sweepstakes and send out an email so your eClub subscribers can enter too. This is a fantastic way to make sure that your Facebook followers become eClub members and vice-versa.
  • Reward loyalty – Work to make your eClub members feel special by rewarding them with a unique offer. Strategizing specific offers for various channels will make those groups feel valued and is guaranteed to bring them back into the restaurant. Extending different offers to different sets of customers will also allow you to do some testing on your end. Which platform is most successful in communicating with your customers and which offer was redeemed most often? Knowing these things can help make retaining a customer more efficient and effective for future campaigns.

Remember that it takes time to build a loyal following. Do your part to ensure that a new customer becomes a lifelong guest!

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