Fishbowl How-To: Drive Delivery Orders with a New Radius-Based Facebook Ad

radiusAdIf you offer delivery, then you need to look into radius-based Facebook ads. Quietly launched last month, radius-based ads are exactly what they appear to be – Facebook ads which allow local businesses to determine a radius around their locations. This is a great tool for restaurants who offer delivery: you can easily set the radius as your delivery route – say, within 10 miles of your place. Anyone active on Facebook who has provided a location will be included.

Sound good? It gets better. You can also add further segmentation, such as focusing on a specific age group or gender. If you’re hoping to advertise your fabulous beer list, it’ll help prevent you from spending money advertising to anyone under 21. If you have a general idea of your audience, this tool will give you the power to concentrate your ad dollars where it will have the most effect. With custom audiences, you could even exclude current members of your list, turning one Facebook ad into a guest acquisition and list building powerhouse.

So here’s a step by step plan, as provided by the SM3 team:

  1. Create an ad that leads directly to your online ordering page. If you don’t have that, then link them to a page or a post on your Facebook page which includes your phone number and any delivery restrictions.
  2. Target by location, and use the radius-based tools to focus on your delivery audience – the highest range is 50 miles, but 10 will likely be your best bet.
  3. If necessary, add further restrictions for a more targeted advertisement – you can add an age range or focus on one gender.

With the right targeting strategy, a radius-based ad can provide a good return on your initial investment. But you have to be smart about who you want to see your delivery ad and how you want to spread the word.

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