Fishbowl’s Fall SM3 Top Three: Drive Autumn Sales with These Tips

imgIt may seem like summer just flew by, but here we are, sending kids back to school and planning our Halloween costumes. Fall is here! With temperatures cooling, it’s time to rethink your marketing strategy

and plan for the last few months of the year. SM3’s Jessika Schweinsberg has a couple tried and true marketing ideas. Try them yourself.

  1. Have a ghastly Halloween. Did you know October 31st lands on a Friday this year? That means the adults can have just as much fun as the kids. Plan some adult fun – think a fall ale party, complete with costume contest. Partner with other area businesses for an adult trick or treat route, featuring specials on appetizers, drinks, and late night entertainment. If you would prefer to focus on a family  activity, how about a virtual costume contest? Have guests Instagram pictures of themselves, their kids, or even their pets, and then encourage your guests to vote for the best. Winner gets a free lunch.
  2. Think a highlight reel’s worth of sports specials. Fall is a special time in the sports world – baseball reaches the World Series while the NFL and college football is just starting to take over. You know your local audience best, so plan accordingly – offer a discount on beer pitchers to those who come in blazing the local team’s colors, or create a Sweepstakes to raffle off your best seats for all seven World Series games.
  3. Hook the back to schoolers. The younger kids are back in school, while the older ones are off to college. That doesn’t mean they aren’t hungry. For the little ones, offer the parents a special on kid meals during school holidays like Columbus Day. For the older kids, create a “Student Day” and offer a discount to those with student IDs. Use Facebook ads to acquire new students who wouldn’t otherwise be aware of your place.

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