Give Your Email Design A Spring Cleaning

MarcosSpring is finally here and the start of a new season is a great time to freshen up your email design and look for ways to better engage your customers! So how do we go about creating emails that are not only visually engaging but that also drive better results? Below you will find some design trends you can use to spruce up your email designs and make sure you get your message across:

  • Less is more. You only have about 1-3 seconds to capture a reader’s attention before they decide there’s “too much”. Don’t overwhelm the customer with too many details or full menus. Instead, the copy included in your graphic should have very short and clear calls to action. Use images to get your point across and avoid unnecessary text.
  • Go bold or go home with bold bright colors and sharp color contrast. Choose colors that contrast and demand attention, especially for your call to action buttons. Our subconscious is wired to react to brighter and bolder colors first and then scan the surroundings. This means you can use color design to accentuate important content. When choosing your color scheme for a design, follow these guidelines:
    • Bold colors: title fonts & buttons
    • Neutral colors: text copy & backgrounds
  • Design for mobile. More and more of your customers are opening emails on their cell phones. Make sure your content is large enough to be readable on these smaller screens and those calls to action button are clickable.
  • Drop shadows are out! Current trends suggest a flat design that is clean, fresh and minimalist. No more “stacked look” with drop shadows.
  • Hand-drawn & script typeface are perfect for spring! They provide a very creative and whimsical style, reflective of the season.

Don’t be afraid to be creative! Stand out from the crowd and follow these basic guidelines to make your email campaigns more engaging.

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