Grow Your Email List With Facebook Advertising

Emily Homuth, Senior Email & Social Media Specialist

Build your database with these tactics to ensure you’re set for the slower summer months.

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: “Email marketing works!” It’s proven to maintain your most loyal customers and keep them coming back again and again. Unfortunately for most businesses, slow seasons are inevitable and for many restaurants the season has just begun. Now is the perfect time to build your email list to ensure email marketing efforts don’t go unnoticed. Below we dive into a few ways to utilize Facebook Ads to ensure you’re prepared for the often slower summer months ahead:

Steps to growing your eClub with Facebook Advertising:

  • Set Up Auto-Loyalty Offers – This won’t come as a surprise, but your guests love offers! Even if you don’t include offers in your email campaigns often, promotional incentives to join the eClub can make or break its growth. Need some ideas? Try offering a free appetizer as a Welcome Offer and a free dessert as a Birthday Offer. This way your audience knows they will be rewarded when they sign up for your eClub.
  • Choose Clicks-to-Website Ads – There are many different types of Facebook Advertisements and choosing the correct type of Ad for your business goal is key. Our team of marketing experts have found that Clicks-to-Website Advertisements are ideal for encouraging customers to join your eClub as they direct customers to your sign-up form with a clear “sign up” button (call to action).
  • Use Simple Messaging – In addition to the “sign up” button, it’s important to include language in your Ad that incentivizes potential members to click. Leverage the auto-loyalty offers you’ve put in place with clear copy. Example: “Joining has its perks! Get a free appetizer when you sign up for our eClub!”
  • Find Your Target Audience – Facebook has a deep understanding of its users which you can use to your advantage when setting up Advertisements to make sure you’re reaching your ideal customer. Target potential new eClub members by zip code; pinpoint the neighborhoods near your restaurant to ensure the Ad is relevant to the Facebook users seeing the content. Consider looking at more detailed facets of your restaurant and choose audience interests that correlate to your concept (i.e. Italian Food if you serve Italian Cuisine).
  • Anything Else? – There’s more you can do to promote your eClub on Facebook than just setting up Ads. In addition to a well-targeted Clicks-to-Website Ad, be sure to promote your eClub sign-up page at least twice per month with regular posts to your page. You can also install an eClub Join tab to make signing up easy for anyone that comes across your Facebook Business page.

The key to growing your eClub is integration. Your social media strategy drives success in email marketing and vice-versa.  Invest in Facebook Ads this summer and profit from a more robust eClub with your new customers!

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