Lexy Bauman, Senior Email and Social Media Specialist
Lexy Bauman, Senior Email and Social Media Specialist

Looking for ways to embrace the summer months? Take advantage of these slower months by heating up your marketing plan with these promotional ideas to engage your loyal guests and to attract new ones.

Dog Days of Summer. Mother Nature is turning up the heat, so take advantage of the weather and guests who are looking for refreshing food and drink specials! Plan a fun campaign that keeps your customers’ eyes on the temperature and reward them with low prices when the heat rises. Send a quick email or post on social media to alert your customers of daily specials or unique food holidays that your restaurant is celebrating. A few other promotions include: offering a discount to guests who dine on your patio with their furry friend or promote your delivery service to “beat the heat”. Use your refreshing drinks, unique dining atmosphere, or tasty specials to lure guests into your restaurant this summer!

Reward Your Loyal Customers. During the summer months, retention is hard, so be sure to reward your loyal customers during these months with unique offers to make them feel valued. One of the best ways to ensure retention and to bring in your loyal customers is by doing bounce back specials like setting a period of time for your customers to dine with you and then bringing back their receipt during a different specified week for a percentage off their check. A more simple way to reward your loyal customers is by giving them an exclusive offer via email or social media post (or both!). By rewarding them during the summer they will be more encouraged to come back during the other months.

School’s Out. Now is a good time to look at ways to improve your kid’s menu, offer family specials, or focus on date nights for parents. If you are a family-friendly restaurant, designate one night, such as Monday, for a “kids eat free” promotion, which can help boost dinner sales during slower days. If you offer carry-out, create a few family sized carry-out options to promote a families to eat together. Fine-dining restaurants can use this time to capitalize on parents needing a date night out and offer a prix-fixe menu and/or ½ price bottles of wine.

Start Planning for the End of Summer. It’s never too early to start planning for the end of the summer. Kids are getting ready to go back school, the weather will start to lower in temperature, and customers won’t be vacationing as much- leaving you with more opportunities to attract customers. Promote catering for end of the summer parties, encourage customers to bring their family to your restaurant, and consider offering longer happy hour hours. Summer will be over before you know it, so start planning your end of the summer promotions!

Take those slow summer months and turn them into your advantage by tapping into your customers’ mindsets and creating promotions that will appeal to them and create lifelong customers!

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