How to Prepare for Big Changes to Facebook’s News Feed (Again)

heroAnother day, another change to Facebook. This time, promotional posts are getting significant changes. How does this affect your restaurant? Read this helpful FAQ put together by our SM3 marketing team. Take our advice and you’ll be ready when the changes take effect!

What’s happening?

Facebook announced a few weeks ago that they are making changes to how promotional posts appear in the News Feed, starting January 2015. The most relevant change: pages that share promotional content will see “organic” distribution fall significantly over time. Organic reach refers to your Facebook Fans. Only a certain percentage see any given post – and if it’s determined by Facebook to be promotional prepare to see that percentage drop by a wide margin!

What is a promotional post? How is that different from my promoted posts?

Promotional posts are defined as posts to a Facebook Page that offer things like contests or coupons. Characteristics include:

  1. Posts that push people just to buy a product or install an app.
  2. Posts that push a promotion or a contest with no real context.
  3. Posts that reuse content from your Facebook Ad.

Keep in mind, promotional posts do not include “promoted posts.” Your Facebook Ads will remain unaffected – after all, you are paying them to get your post in front of as many guests as possible!

What should I do?

It’s rather simple. If you want to post something on your Facebook that is deliberately sales-y – then buy an ad. Otherwise, Facebook will suppress the post. See our tips on making better Facebook Ads to get started.

Here’s some advice from the SM3 team on how keep your posts unfiltered:

  1. Post a combination of good, engaging content to diversify your Facebook page – Facebook will be less likely to filter your posts, as long as it looks like your page is providing sufficient value to users on its own. We have tips on how to do this on our blog.
  2. Use Facebook Ads on your more promotional posts, to keep them from getting filtered – just in case.

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