Morgan Sheats. Senior Social Media & Email Specialist
Morgan Sheats. Senior Social Media & Email Specialist

Increase Engagement

Running a sweepstakes on your social media pages can be a great acquisition tool. Not only are you working to increase engagement on your page itself, but you are also growing your Eclub through entries. Ensure success with your sweepstakes by following these steps!

General Overview/How does a sweepstakes work?

A sweepstakes is essentially an online raffle. Fans of your restaurant will submit their name and email address as well as any other necessary information that you’d like to include. From there, they will be entered to win a specific prize. We encourage you to run your sweepstakes through all social media marketing channels, including email marketing, social media marketing, your website and in-store signage!

Fishbowl’s Email and Social Media Marketing Specialists are trained in creating, updating and monitoring sweepstakes for clients. Your Fishbowl rep can create the sweepstakes for you using a third-party site and randomly choose a winner using our software. All you have to do is pick out what you’d like to offer and contact the winner via email at the end of the sweepstakes!

Types of Sweepstakes/Contests

There are a vast number of different types of sweepstakes that you can run depending on your business goals. As a general rule, the more work on the end of the consumer, the less likely they will participate. Focus on keeping your sweepstakes simple to achieve your marketing goals. Here are 4 types of sweepstakes that our team has found success with:

  • General Giveaway: Consider giving away a $25, $50 or $100 gift card to 1 or even a few winners. This is a simple sweepstakes where your fans can just enter their information to be automatically entered, and each new email address will be added to your Eclub. Try executing this type of giveaway around the holidays or changes in season!
  • Photo Contest: Is there a food holiday that is coming up that your restaurant is known for (ie. National Cheeseburger Day), or maybe your restaurant’s anniversary? Encourage fans to submit their best photo to win a specific prize! This is a fantastic way to generate new photos for your restaurant, draw attention to your business, and grow your Eclub.
    • If you are not a full-service Fishbowl client, you could also consider simply posting on Facebook and encouraging fans to share their photo in the comments for the chance to win! After looking through all the photos in the comments of the posts, you can randomly choose one winner. Consider boosting the post using Facebook Advertising for an even better turnout!
  • Survey Sweepstakes: Are you interested in getting to know your customers better and receiving feedback from your most loyal fans? Try a survey sweepstakes! Asking questions such as “What is your favorite dish?” or “What would you like to see more of from our restaurant” is a great way to improve and show your fans that you value their opinion. We recommend choosing 1-2 winners at the end of the sweepstakes to win a gift card, or you could even send a small voucher to every email address that entered.
  • Facebook Contest: This route takes much less time, planning, and effort but still receives optimal results! If your primary goal is more engagement on Facebook, then try running a Facebook Contest where you encourage customers to comment, tag, or share the post to win a specific prize.

Sweepstakes Results and Best Practices

While we cannot guarantee you will achieve a specific number of new Eclub subscribers or reach a certain number of customers, we are confident that running a sweepstakes is a great way to change up your marketing, get your fans excited, and grow your business. Every sweepstakes is different, which is the beauty of it! Give it a try and consider tweaking it year after year to generate even better results. Here are some of our team’s best practices to ensure success with your sweepstakes:

  • Send the sweepstakes out to your current email list so they have a chance to enter and can spread the word to their family and friends
  • Consistently promoting the sweepstakes on Facebook at least 1x/week so that your current Facebook fans will enter (and you’ll now have their email addresses!)
  • Use Facebook Advertising to boost posts promoting the sweepstakes or run a “Clicks To Website” ad taking potential customers directly to the entry site
  • Train your staff on the guidelines of the sweepstakes and encourage them to mention the contest to their tables
  • Display graphics and materials in-store to promote the sweepstakes
  • Install the sweepstakes on your website so that those customers visiting online can enter to win

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