Maura Keane, Senior Social Media & Email Specialist
Maura Keane, Senior Social Media & Email Specialist

If you are like some of our clients you may have a lot of Facebook Fans, but they are not active on the page and engaged fans can make all the difference. The more engagement you have on a post the more reach the post will gain and the more people are likely to see it, including non-fans. Learn all about this simple approach to increase engagement in a recent Client Case Study.

Business Goal: To gain more engagement from Facebook fans by having them “Like” or “Love” two separate food items on a specific post. As well as to gain customer feedback on the two items.

Campaign Tactics: We asked fans to “LIKE” the post if they preferred Fried Chicken and “LOVE” the post if they preferred Baked Chicken and pinned the post to the top of the page. The post also included a small offer of dinner for two for one winner to further encourage engagement. We then boosted the post to gain more traction. The campaign ran for the entire month.

Results: The Facebook Boosted Post reached 2,328 people and had 142 post engagements. 60 people “LIKED” the post and 5 people “LOVED” the post. In addition the post received 40 comments and 36 shares.

Lessons Learned: The client’s guests were happy to engage and provide their opinion on the post. It did not hurt that there was a dinner for two on the line. In the future we can use this tactic to gain more insight on what the guests prefer over time.

Taking it a step further and other tips:

  • Consider offering a discount for the following month on the winning dish.
  • Changing the menu? Pick your top dishes and find out what your customers cannot live without.
  • Take advantage of all of the Facebook post reactions. These days there is more than just “LIKE” and “LOVE”, so pick a reaction for each item you want feedback on.
  • Run this promotion once a month as to not overdo it with your customers. While they may be eager in the beginning, running it too often can come across as spam.
  • Trial and Error- The same thing may not work for you so don’t be afraid to play around with giveaways and future offers, get creative!

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