Measure Your Digital Marketing Part 2: Is Your Audience Engaged?

post_digbysTavernFacebookIn a previous post, we touched on how to measure your marketing reach. In this post we’ll talk about engagement metrics. Guests who interact directly with a social media post or an email are more likely to come to your restaurant than those who don’t.  So while growing your list should always be a marketing goal, a big list doesn’t mean much if you can’t motivate your guests to respond to your messaging.   But how do you know whether your efforts are working?  Let’s look at how you can measure engagement.

Facebook Engagement: Do They Interact with Your Brand?

On Facebook, engagement means that guests “like,” comment on, or “share” a post on their Facebook feed. These actions indicate not only that the guests saw your post, but also that they like what they saw. And every time they interact with your post, their Facebook friends see it – that means more reach for you! Growing engagement on Facebook is an efficient way to grow your business.  There are a lot of things you can try.  For example, you could post an impromptu survey; for example, ask “should we serve breakfast all day?” or “what’s your favorite dessert?” and get feedback from your Facebook fans.  The fans who engage are more likely to show up at your restaurant or to recommend you to friends.

Click-Through Rate: Do They Like What They See?

The click-through rate or CTR is the number of times a click is made on any link within your email message divided by the total number of recipients. It indicates that your guest is interested enough to learn more about your restaurant. For example, guests might click through to make a reservation, see your menu, open a coupon, or enter a contest. Don’t be deceived if your click-through rate seems low – 1% is considered a good benchmark for independent restaurants!

Now that you know what the metrics are, you’ll want to grow them.  Through trial and error, you can find out what works for your restaurant. Check your numbers on a regular basis and try something new if your engagement isn’t increasing.  It’s also a best practice to compare your campaign results over time to see what works and what doesn’t.

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