“Opening Soon!” Tips to Promote Your New Location

Amanda Kelley, Senior Email & Social Media Specialist
Amanda Kelley, Senior Email & Social Media Specialist

All restaurant owners strive to have a successful business and having the opportunity to expand to an additional location is a sure sign you’ve made it! Introducing your new location to customers effectively depends as much on your planning and marketing tactics as it does on making sure you’re physically prepared to handle new customers.

The key to a successful opening is getting the word out. You can take the traditional route by sending out press releases and paying for print and radio advertising, but don’t forget about your digital following. We recommend approaching a grand opening with a number of tactics to reach a wider range of potential customers through email, social media and SMS marketing.

Try these tried & true tactics to make your opening a success!

Claim Your Online Presence – Set up a new Facebook page and create listings on the major reputation sites like Yelp, TripAdvisor, Google Plus, and Zomato. Once you’re open, pay attention to your reviews and listen to your guests’ feedback. Perception is key, and these review sites are a great way to see how your new location is being perceived by your valuable guests and give you an opportunity to engage with these guests by responding to your reviews.

Did you know that Facebook has a Locations structure? With Facebook Locations, you can connect and manage all your business locations on Facebook from one central place.

Advertising on Facebook – Facebook advertising makes it easy to find the right people and capture their attention. Target ads based on demographics, interests and how people engage with Facebook to reach people who are most likely to be interested in your business. Start advertising early to help establish a fan base on your page through Page ‘Likes’ ads, start building your eClub list through ads that send traffic to your Join Page, and capture phone numbers for your SMS club list by promoting your keyword and short code. Once your Grand Opening event is planned, promote it through an Event ad to increase awareness of the event.

“The Tease” – Get your audience excited and let them know something big is coming. In the months & weeks leading up to your new opening, post “teasers” on your social media page. Have any great construction photos? Sharing these is a great way to create excitement around the new location, show your fans your progress and let them know the new location is “coming soon.” Once you start building your eClub and SMS club lists through Facebook advertising, send updates to your fans. Send an email and/or text message to let people know what they can expect from your new location with a “Coming Soon” message, and when you have an official open date, send a “Grand Opening” message to promote the big day.

Exclusive SMS Offer – Give people a reason to join your SMS club by sending out exclusive offers they can only get through your text club. Once you’re open, send out a special offer during opening week to help you get people through your doors.

The Big Event – Your Grand Opening is your new location’s first real introduction to your community. Pass around complimentary samples of your food & beverages to your guests who attend. They may even try something they didn’t know they would like! You can spread your Grand Opening out over several days to reach different parts of your clientele by having a special event or offer each day in the week after opening.  A few examples include:

  • Partnering with a local charity and donating a portion of your proceeds to the charity.
  • Offering a different food special each day.
  • Offering a discount to First Responders, Veterans & Active Duty Military Personnel.
  • The possibilities are endless!

Following these tips can ensure a successful opening and a larger start-up customer base!

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