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We focus on bringing value to the restaurant industry by providing best practices and cutting edge technology to our partners and their members.  If you are an OpenTable client or a member of the National Restaurant Association or one of the state restaurant associations, you may be eligible for a discount on our email marketing software.

Fishbowl is proud to have been chosen by the National Restaurant Association and the State Restaurant Associations as their preferred provider of email marketing software.  NRA and SRA members who use Fishbowl’s email marketing solution recieve 500 free emails a month.

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Fishbowl and OpenTable have a strategic partnership that provides value across the restaurant industry,  We leverage integration with OpenTable’s ERB or Guest Center to better server our mutual clients.  Fishbowl also servers as the preferred provider of email marketing software for OpenTable’s clients, who receive 500 free emails a month when they use Fishbowl’s email marketing software.

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