SM3 Top Three: How to Get More Reviews for Your Restaurant Part II

Part II: What You Can Do Using Social Media


In the previous post, we discussed how to get your guests to write online reviews just using in-store methods. While getting your guests to think about reviews during their meals is a good tactic, another approach is to pair the in-store methods with a digital media campaign. SM3’s Beulah Toth has experimented with this combination and loves to leverage the broad reach a restaurant’s social media pages can offer. Here are her key client recommendations:

  1. Highlight good reviews on Facebook and Twitter. If you find a positive review particularly glowing, funny, or engaging, post it on your restaurant’s Facebook page, linking the review in question and thanking the writer.
  2. Repost great photos. A picture is worth a thousand words, as you know. If someone posts an Instagram of one of your menu items, be sure to not only like it on your own Instagram, but post it on your own social media – with, of course, a link to your Yelp profile asking the guest for more feedback on the experience.
  3. Don’t forget Foursquare. Foursquare is not only a great tool for acquiring and driving guests, it’s also a mini review site unto itself – users can leave comments in the form of “tips.” Customize the “thank you” prompt that comes up every time a guest checks into your place. Ask for tips on the best meals or drinks your guests have had at your restaurant.

Social media is very useful for reaching those guests who are already active on places like Facebook, Yelp, and Foursquare, but it’s not the only online way to make a statement. Pair your social media campaigns with eClub outreach and a strong web presence for a more aggressive approach to obtaining online reviews.  That’s Part III of this series.

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