SM3 Top Three: Making “Mad” Money in March

March is around the corner, and soon all eyes turn to the annual NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament. If you’re a restaurant with a loyal clientele of sports enthusiasts, you know this is a great opportunity to drive sales throughout the month of March and into April, particularly if the home team is playing. But even the smallest restaurant can make use of one of the biggest sports events of the year.maryBeth

SM3’s Mary Beth Mitesser loves to use big sports events to drive sales for all of her clients. Here are three of her favorite go-to strategies for more impactful March marketing.

  1. Celebrate Selection Sunday

Kudos to the NCAA: when they announce which college teams will be playing in their tournament, all college basketball fans need to see it. Selection Sunday, on March 16th this year, is now a major television event.  Offer discounts to those dressed in the local team’s colors, even if they aren’t in contention.

2. Host a Bracket Pool Party

One of the greatest joys and frustrations of the tournament is to try and predict who comes out on top in the chaos. Draw your guests in by sponsoring your own bracket pool. Complete a bracket for the restaurant and post it on a prominent wall.  Encourage guests to print a copy of their completed bracket and bring it in for a free appetizer.

3. Use Agile Marketing

A savvy marketer watches what’s going on and plans new promotions appropriately. Use an unexpected upset to offer free wings or discounted drinks. Cheer on the home team with increasingly rich rewards as they progress through the month. Did they reach the Final Four? Give guests free desserts for groups of four. Consider hosting a Facebook Sweepstakes, for free access to your party room.

The entire month of March is a great opportunity to get your name out there!  The more creative you are, the more you can be the champion in March.

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