Show You’re Thankful For Loyal Customers

David Costa, Senior Email & Social Media Specialist
David Costa, Senior Email & Social Media Specialist

During the holiday season it’s better to give than receive. But it’s always better to give AND receive. Offer incentives to your existing customers to drive business and keep them coming back during a time that is traditionally slower for many restaurants due to the holidays.

This Thanksgiving be thankful for guests at your tables with these tips:

  1. Seasonal Double Duty – One way to get customers coming back is to offer a free incentive to your eClub or Loyalty Members. Extending an offer to a specific group of customers creates a sense that it’s special and a great opportunity to say “thanks!” for their patronage. You can also use this as an opportunity to showcase a new menu. Example: entice your eClub to dine with you by offering a free appetizer from the new fall menu valid the week of Thanksgiving.
  2. Bounce Back Offers – While driving new customers is always a positive, it’s extremely beneficial for any business to create repeat guests. A bounce back offer such as $10 off your next visit or a complimentary dessert can encourage a diner to come back sooner than they may have planned.  Make sure to shorten the offer duration to drive urgency, or make it active after the New Year for a great start in 2017.
  3. Something For Them, Something for You – Holiday parties can be a very successful part of your business in the coming months. Encourage party bookings by offering a bonus gift card to the host of the party. The customer not only books a party that introduces a number of potential new customers to your restaurant but also guarantees they will be back again to use their gift card towards an additional visit.
  4. Drive Social Media Buzz & Reviews – One easy way to use incentives to your marketing advantage is to turn on Yelp check-in offers. This rewards the diner and also brings them to your Yelp page where they may be inclined to share their experience in a 5 star review. You could also create a special discount for diners who post a photo on Facebook or Instagram including the restaurant’s geotag or a catchy promo #hashtag relative to the holiday season.

Small incentives can reap big rewards. Try out these tactics to drive repeat business this holiday season!

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