Three Marketing Tips for Super “Big Game” Sales

fishbowl_helmetThe February 2nd meeting of the AFC and NFC champs might as well be a national holiday. Last year “The Big Game” drew 108.4 million eyes – and those people need to eat.

Restaurateurs can market for The Big Game no matter what kind of place they operate. Here are a few tips on how everyone can turn that stupendous game into stupendous sales.

1.bigGame_digby Leverage your local team. You never know if your local team will win the championship, but you probably know at this point if they’ve got a chance. If you’re in one of those lucky cities, offer a special on appetizers or wings to those who come to your place wearing the team’s colors. Maybe even an extra discount to those in full face paint? The more creative the costume, the better it will look on your Instagram feed and Facebook page!

Even if this year was a dud, that doesn’t mean you can’t make money. Offer drink specials if your team has been eliminated. Push your party room or catering menu – look ahead to the NFL Draft!

2.bigGame_sweepstakes Market for your space. Have the ultimate in TV setups?  Run a contest for a chance to win primo seats in front of your biggest TV. Or, have guests offer their score predictions, and reward a random winner with a $100 bar tab.

Even the smallest mom and pop shops can create buzz for the big game.  Offer discounts on your catering or to-go menu so guests feel encouraged to bring your food to their house parties. Run a Facebook Sweepstakes for the chance to win a catering package for 10 people. The winner must pick up the package before the pre-game festivities begin.

3. bigGame_repMngrGet the word out. Whatever way you choose to celebrate, use your e-mail and social media marketing channels to tell the world. Run a photo contest through Instagram. Create a check-in deal on Foursquare. Offer a “secret password” on Twitter or Facebook for half off beer. And don’t forget afterwards to manage your online reputation! Get those guests back all year long!

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